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One of our 31606_IMG_4983foundational values in YWAM is to champion young people, to believe in and encourage the youth of today, whether they believe in God or not.

At YWAM Bristol we are to exploring what this means for us.
We are really passionate about helping Christian young people engage with God and explore what it means to have a faithful Jesus-centred life that helps to see their purpose in God’s plan for the earth. We want to help the Christian youth of today see how they can not just go to church, but how they can live like Jesus lived and love like Jesus loved.

Alongside this, we want to see how we can create environments for young people to truly experience God for the first time, and find their value and their purpose in life with Jesus.

Over the past three years we have experimented with various youth projects such as a drop-in, where local teenagers could have a safe place to hang out and spend time together, and a youth worship night for the local churches to get involved with.
Although none of our projects so far have worked out long term, we have learned a lot about working with young people, and are looking forward to finding better ways of working with the local community to create safe, healthy environments for young people, where we can introduce aspects of faith as they are ready.