Community Painting Group

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Our community painting group is a place for people to come together to create and be inspired in a safe, non-pressured community environment.

Why?; Over the past few years of being in Bristol we have been involved in a number of arts based community projects and events. As we came in contact with loads of local people from different walks of life, we realised that so many of us have a desire to be creative, but have a hundred different excuses for putting it off. Many people don't have the confidence that they can paint something beautiful, or they simply don't have the space in their house to get creative!
Our aim in setting up this painting group is to take away as many of those stumbling blocks as possible, and help people to realise that they have so much creativity to share!

As we grow this community of artists, we are so excited to see where this project takes us!

How?; All you have to do is show up! We provide basic painting and drawing supplies, as well as teas and coffees. Come on your own, or bring friends! We are always happy to have new people, and we enjoy having people of all skill levels.
There is no charge, but we accept donations.

This ministry is currently on pause, but the new dates and location will be updated here as soon as we have them set in stone.