How did we get here?

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Bristol Balloon Fiesta

Before moving to Bristol, Kyle and Rossie had spent nearly 10 years in YWAM.  First they served in YWAM Australia, based in Darwin for 5 years.  During that time they had what they call their ministry apprenticeship where they gained experience in many areas of YWAM ministry as well as YWAM leadership, mainly in the area of discipleship and youth ministry.  After serving in Australia they were invited back to England to be part of the leadership of YWAM England’s 2012 Olympic campaign.  It was during this project that God started to speak to them about the city of Bristol.  During the Olympic project, the team were aiming to plant new teams across the UK, through a time of seeking God, Kyle and Rossie finally narrowed it down to                                                                                                     two cities, one being Bristol.

Their first trip to Bristol was in October 2010, a weekend getaway to explore a new city and see what God was saying.  And they loved it, ‘it felt like coming home’.  After that trip Kyle and Rossie became impassioned for the city and they found themselves thinking about living in and praying for Bristol regularly.  The next time they were able to visit Bristol was during the summer of 2011.  While working at Soul Survivor, a summer youth festival, they decided to take a day trip during their day off to the city to explore.  On the drive up Kyle prayed ‘Lord, we’re tired, we’re not going to do lots of praying, but if you want to talk to us about Bristol we’d love to see a big red arrow in the sky!’ Again they found themselves falling in love with the city, finding new areas and getting really excited about possibilities that could be.  Late afternoon found them up in Clifton, by the suspension bridge, over looking the city, and there were thousands of people everywhere.  Seeing a man with the largest camera in the world Kyle asked, ‘I’m really excited, can you tell me why?’ to which the man replied ‘Oh, it’s the balloon festival, they are about to release the balloons.’


Bristol is famous for its balloon festival drawing thousands of tourists every year, they were really pleased that they were going to be able to see it.  But then the man with the camera continued.  ‘Before the Hot air Balloons are released the Royal air-force’s aerial display team is about to perform.’  The display team is called the red arrows. On the day that we asked God to put a red arrow in the sky if he wanted us in Bristol He gave us 9!

Kyle and Rossie moved to Bristol in June 2013.  They already love the city as though they have lived in Bristol for years and are really excited to see what God has for YWAM in Bristol.  They carry a passion to create environments for people to engage with God and find their identity and their purpose in him.  They are feel deeply compassionate for those caught in pregnancy crisis and dream about setting up a pregnancy advice centre to love those caught in that difficult situation with advice and support.  They are also want to provide safe, loving and encouraging environments for young people to be built up.