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So what’s the big idea?

Being part of Youth With A Mission  our vision quite simple – To Know God and Make God Known.  We want to know God, really know Him. Know who He is, how He thinks.  And it’s from that place of knowing God that we want to find ways of sharing that knowledge and those experiences with others.
As an organisation we are all about giving others opportunities to engage with and encounter God through creative and innovative ways.  We are so excited to be in Bristol, it really is the best city in the world and the people here are amazing! As we have got to know the city and as we have looked at what we are passionate about we came up with this passion statement:

Vision 2

We’re based and focused in Bedminster which is district of Bristol on the southbank of the river Avon, just a few minutes walk from the city centre.  So, we’ve got the Where, we’ve got the what, now we’re working on the how!  YWAM Bristol started June 2013, so we’re still in the early days of pioneering and we are not wanting to rush this season of building foundations.  However there are many areas that we are excited to explore as possibilities for creating these environments and communities for people to encounter Jesus.
We are already connected with churches in our area and are looking to see how we can bless and encourage them.  We’d love to take groups of young Christians from Bristol out on international missions to show them how God can use them to impact others.  There is a desperate need for youth work and youth clubs in Bedminster and so we are looking to launch some exciting projects early 2015.  We’re passionate about the Arts, and as Bristol is such a creative city there is so much potential to connect with artists.  Finally, in the future we’d love to establish a ministry to families, focused on a pregnancy advice and support centre.

We believe that God has huge plans for Bristol and we are privileged to play whatever part he gives us as YWAM.  There is already such a fantastic level of unity amongst the churches in Bristol and it has been an honour for YWAM be made very welcome into the city.

If you’d like to find out more about ywam here are some links to other sites about Youth With A Mission.  You may also be interested to read about our foundational values  – this  is our international website where you will find lot’s of useful information about us.  – this site is focused on all things YWAM in England. – this page is on the site and tells you about our foundational values.